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Pareto Park, Barcelona.
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The mighty MS record a set for SNTWN…


Drexciya - Temple Of Dos De Agua
Sonar Base - The Deadly Storms Of Uranus
3 Phase Featuring Dr. Motte - Der Klang Der Familie (F.U.S.E. Mix)
Fred - Niteshade
The Minister ‎– Paranoia On Planet X
303 Nation ‎– Barcelona
James Ruskin ‎– Surfaced
Umwelt ‎- Chrondite
Legowelt ‎– Sketches From Another Century
Ontal - Disorientation
Radial - Vandal (Bas Mooy Remix)
Subjected ‎– 005.7
The Mover- Worship The End
Cospagon - Untitled 2
George Lanham ‎– Damnatio Memoriae
Spokesman - Acid Creak (Pierre’s Reconstruction Mix)
Scan X ‎– The Blade
Kaptain Cadillac - Show Me Luv (Robert Armani remix)
DJ Funk - Run (UK Extended Mix)
Mike Dearborn - Birds On E
Takkyu Ishino ‎– Ghost In The Shell
Regis - Speak To Me
Low Entropy - Fluessiges Neon
Mike Dearborn - Raw Acid
LAM - Nuclear Facelift
Timothy Alexander - Sentience II
Qoso ‎– Crossroads (Perc Remix)
Miss Djax - Overdose
Minimum Syndicat - Avron
Regis - Purification
The Martian - Journey To The Martian Polar Cap
Steve Stoll ‎– Promenade
Milton Bradley - Trapped in Eternity
Reeko - The Woman Of Black Glove
Mike Dearborn - Deviant Behaviour (Slam Mixx)
Surgeon - Intro (Version II)
Creeper - Undulator 23
Timothy Alexander ‎– Sentience I
George Lanham ‎– This Sceptical Isle
Kelli Hand - The Creator
Ancient Methods - Knights & Bishops
Gunjack - Spanishtrap
Rave Creator – Immortal
Low Entropy - Fourth Uprising

Ambient, etc from TBD